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Our Boerboels

The Boerboel breed is descended from dogs brought by Dutch settlers to South Africa who defended the homestead from hyenas, lions, leopards, and other dangerous wildlife. Today, they are prized as watchdogs, guardians, and competitors in canine competitions, as well as highly protective family companions that adore kids. 

Since Boerboels have been revived in South Africa, they have grown in popularity and have been exported around the world. Even so, they are still considered to be a more rare breed. One of the most common misrepresentations is the advertising of Boerboel puppies as 'registered'. Many potential owners do not know that SABBS will register a Boerboel only after it has been appraised on individual merit, and not on pedigree. Our Boerboels history is recorded over 5 generations as every Razulca Boerboel is thoroughbred, unique and special. 

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